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As a Registered Rodenburg Teacher ( certification awarded 2018 ) Nancy’s Voice teaching is based on the connection to presence, breath, and full body imagination when it comes to connecting to text as laid out in all five of Patsy Rodenburg’s books, The Right To Speak, The Actor Speaks, The Need For Words, Speaking Shakespeare, & The Second Circle.Nancy also uses many techniques discovered by Cicely Berry to examine heightened text so that the actors may fully bring themselves openly and fully to the moment on the text without the encumbrance of unnecessary outside tension and habits.


Dialect must be an organic experience for both the actor and the listener. This is the way the playwright heard the play in his or her head and we need to be truly representing those characters. Nancy deals with not only the issues of vocal changes and focus in dialect but the socio/ economic background of characters or the why they use language the way they do. There is a transformation into character through their use of sound and sense. Historically how do speakers tell their story by country of origin and how do those combinations of sound inform the American character. In other words, where did we come from? How did we assimilate through manipulation of the sounds of our accents and dialects? Research and contact with primary sources are the corner stone of learning a viable dialect.

Ÿ -      BRITISH RPŸ      -       COCKNEY      -Ÿ       CORNWALL/DEVON      -        SCOTTISHŸ      -        IRISH        -       ŸFRENCH      -

-      GERMAN      -        EASTERN EUROPEAN      -        SOUTH AFRICAN      -      AUSTRALIAN      -Ÿ      ALL AMERICAN REGIONSŸ      -


Nancy is excited to offer text and dialect coaching from the comfort of your home via virtual lessons over video chat. Skype and FaceTime have become excellent alternatives to in-person training. Given the nature of speech training, the quality of lessons is not affected. Cramming for a last minute audition? Working on a dialect for a new show? Nancy is here for you! For rates and more information, click the link below which will direct you to a client interest form!


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